Violence is a
Public Health Epidemic

BRCST employs non-traditional community leaders, Credible Messengers, including those who have been formerly incarcerated and those who have been engaged in the drug trade. BRCST Outreach Workers have transformed their own lives and are committed to supporting others’ transitions.

BRCST draws upon an evidence-based, trauma informed approach to violence reduction that has been implemented in several cities across the country. BRCST believes that relying on crime rate data as the only indicator of public safety is inadequate. Safety is not just the absence of violence but the presence of wellbeing and systems that support the most vulnerable amongst us. BRCST envisions a public safety system that puts victims at the centers of our public safety strategy and invests in healing services for the community.
Did you know?
During the period 2016-2020, Baton Rouge experienced 80,163 violent crimes.
Crimes Among Youth Ages 10-24
Among Adults 24 and Over
Of All Violent Crimes Occurred
in 70805 and 7802
Our Strategy
BRCST views violence as a public health issue and uses the public health frame in our strategy to reduce violent crime and murder in the City of Baton Rouge. We Intervene, Prevent and Treat relationship based disputes to a peaceful outcome. We coordinate our efforts with partners including city agencies, service providers, policy organizations, and more, in order to improve the quality of life of citizens within our grid. Skilled and trained Outreach Workers are the key to the success of this initiative. Outreach Workers work individually and as a team to prevent community based violence.

Learn more about how we implement Community Navigators and High-Risk Interventionists.
How do we interrupt the culture of violence?
Violence prevention can be broken down into 4 steps:
Identify the

The problem can be defined through data collection.

Identify the risk and protective factors

Determine why violence is occurring.

Develop and evaluate intervention measures

Prevention strategies are developed and rigorously tested to see if they prevent violence.

Implement a

Utilize a collective impact approach.

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